Ben Mackenzie





The song, ‘Flow Let’s Flow,’ encapsulates how this project began and finally came to it’s ultimate fruition.  I originally planned to  record  just a couple of raw tracks and walk out of the studio in a couple of hours never to return. A year later-  an unexpected  album-MATTER OF TIME- has been born!!

This CD is the result of the passion, inspiration, dedication  and talent of Jorge Aparicio (Fito)-multi instrumentalist, producer and owner of The Sound Laboratory in  Mittagong) and all the  associated musicians of the Southern Highlands Community who contributed and made this  project possible. I immensely grateful to all!! To have my  songs ‘realised’ to their full potential and now available to the world  is a dream come true!!  THANK YOU !!! --Ben Mackenzie


‘Ben’s songs are layered with heartfelt emotion,  pure in delivery and pervade an honest longing for spirit and love without sentimentality. Universal themes intertwine with scattered pieces of wisdom and inspiration held in reality by the meeting of one’s own journey and all its paradoxes. The result is an album with enduring appeal.

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